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New Patients

When you walk into Leederville Chiropractic Clinic, you’ll feel comfortable straightaway. In our light, bright atmosphere, there is an element of fun along with our professionalism. Our friendly team is looking forward to welcoming you!

Your First Visit

You’ll be introduced to our staff, who will set you up with the necessary paperwork to fill out. One sheet will be on paper and another is on a laptop. Then, you’ll meet with Chiropractor Dr Lazar Jancic to discuss why you’re here. You’ll have a history and thorough physical spinal assessment.

If necessary, we can refer you to have X-rays taken. This appointment ends by booking in for a second visit. Please allow about an hour for your first visit.

Your Second Visit

When you return, you’ll have what is referred to as a report of findings. We’ll have prepared this report just for you based on our unique evaluation protocol. If X-rays were taken, we’ll go through them with you. We’ll detail an action plan designed to help you achieve your goals. You’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment and be on your way in about a half-hour.


Your regular visits to our clinic are quick, taking just about 10-15 minutes each.

Book Your Visit Today

We accept new patients and are preferred providers for HCF. Contact us today to get started!

New Patients | (08) 9444 0100