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About Us


Since 2003, Chiropractor Dr Lazar Jancic has provided natural care and lifestyle advice to help the people of Leederville, Subiaco and Mount Hawthorn  improve their quality of life.

Along with chiropractic care, Leederville Chiropractic Clinic offers Kinesiology and psychology. Our clinic takes a full-body approach to health, ensuring that you can discover the highest levels of wellbeing in mind and body.

The Ancestral Lifestyle

Human DNA hasn’t changed for at least 40,000 years. That means that every human alive today is identical to the people who lived back then. The lifestyle held by those ancient people is the gold standard for a human animal. If you want to enhance the health of an animal, you must look at their environment.

The reason that illness and pain are so ever-present today is that we have deviated so much from the ideal lifestyle that we were designed for. We aren’t meant to sit at a desk for hours or be bombarded by our current emotional, physical and chemical stressors. You were created to hunt and gather!

The Secret to Health

The Ancestral Lifestyle doesn’t mean we have to return to being cavemen. It involves incorporating our modern way of life with understanding the fundamentals of health. It’s Dr Laz’s role to simplify that for his patients. He’ll teach you simple strategies to move more, get the appropriate nutrition and explain how each approach will help you.

How We Understand Your Needs

Dr Laz utilises a revolutionary assessment protocol designed by Dr James Chestnut. We will thoroughly evaluate your lifestyle, spinal health and symptoms. Each aspect is compiled into an evidence-based report. It’s easy to understand and gives you the information you need to make your decisions. Your personalised report will inspire you to engage in your road to recovery.

An HCF and BUPA Preferred Provider

We’re pleased to participate with HCF and BUPA. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment!

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