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Chiropractic Care

In today’s world, you are confronted by numerous stresses. These stresses will accumulate in your spine and nervous system, showing up as stiffness, tension or restrictions. The effects can influence the function of your nerves, muscles and joints.

Eventually, you’ll experience aches, pains and other symptoms.

Chiropractic is a tool that can be used to create more movement in your body. It stimulates your nervous system to release the buildup of stress and tension in your spine and other joints. In turn, your symptoms can be alleviated and your function improved.

Spinal assessment report

Spinal Health Assessment

Chiropractor Dr Lazar Jancic uses a unique system of evaluation to understand your needs. The Chestnut Protocol will determine your level of spinal health and how you progress over time. It is a scientific, evidence-based approach that assists in diagnosis and monitoring progress. You’ll receive a customised report at your second visit with us that shows your spinal health and the lifestyle factors that are affecting you. Symptoms are a result of the stress in your lifestyle.

Our clients who have received The Chestnut Protocol communicate that it’s very thorough and professional.

The Gonstead Approach

Dr Laz utilises the technique of chiropractic that is most beneficial for each individual patient he sees. He does however specialise in a technique of chiropractic called Gonstead which has stood the test of time and has achieved incredible results across the world.

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable

If you’ve never been adjusted before, you may be unsure of what to expect. You may even feel nervous and this is very common for many people. Rest assured that you’ll have the process of the adjustment explained to you before beginning. Dr Laz will show you exactly how it feels before he begins. It is a very gentle process and if you hear a noise during the adjustment, it’s just gas being released from the joint and is completely safe and normal.

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