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Living Tonic Naturopath & Massage Therapist in Leederville

Introducing: Director of Living Tonic, Sandra Tolj

Sandra Tolj

Sandra’s mission is to guide and empower men and women in finding their innate healing wisdom by offering the latest naturopathic medicine.

Sandra’s journey with natural therapies started while travelling through London in 2005 and working for a mobile wellness company as a seated massage therapist. This resulted in a passion ignited to know more about the body and led her towards completing a diploma in remedial massage therapy in Perth, 2010.A few years later,and while working in the clinical and corporate wellness sector, her curiosity turned towards nutrition and developing a more rounded holistic protocols in optimising health and reducing chronic stress. Sandra completed an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (now Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education).

Why Naturopathy?

So what do naturopaths do? Naturopaths view your whole health snapshot and use functional testing in conjunction with asking detailed questions on current symptoms, lifestyle and dietary habits to ensure a good understanding of the cause of any health issues and discuss your health goals.

So why visit a naturopath? Common reasons to visit a naturopath are low energy, stress, weight loss, fertility and hormonal imbalances, digestive health, skin, allergies, immune support with the aim to restore and maintain your well-being.

Areas of Interest

Sandra’s particular interest (besides her chihuahuas) is chronic stress and gut health, lymphatic system and skin conditions with a strong emphasis on whole food nutritional guidance. Sandra will work alongside with you and formulate an individualised treatment plan for you. This may include massage, nutritional therapy, dietary plans, herbal medicine and lifestyle prescriptions for a complete treatment.

Naturopathy can be used alone or in combination with massage and or chiropractic care. As naturopathy evaluates the whole health of the body, it lends itself to maximum spinal health.
Naturopathic medicine is also fantastic for acute health conditions such as colds, flus, and infections. Short appointments for pre-existing clients are available. For inquires about herbal massages and corporate wellness, please contact Sandra directly.

To book:

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