Feeling Great this Holiday Season

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Posted at: 2018-12-08

The holidays often bring plenty of cheer…and a healthy dose of seasonal stress. Between the travel, parties, and shopping, there are a lot of demands placed on your time, your mind, and your body, and all this commotion can result in muscle spasms and the reoccurrence of familiar aches and pains. For many people, these aches show up in two distinct areas – the low back and the neck and shoulders. Sound familiar?


Why it Matters:

Nagging low back or neck pain during the holidays can quickly turn into a flare-up that can sideline your holiday plans and pile on the frustration and stress. It’s a vicious cycle, but by making a few smart decisions now, you can position yourself to have a pain-free holiday season. Here are a few key holiday (more…)

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule

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Posted at: 2018-12-05

Neck and back pain are the most common reasons people experience sleep disturbances. Patients talk about sleeping on the floor, or sleeping in a lazy boy, or even sleeping bent over their bed attempting to get into a position that helps them get those few precious moments of rest and relief. Talk about a pain! All you want is the ability to get some rest, yet every position seems to make things feel worse. Well, don’t worry – you’re in the right place to get back on track!


Why it Matters:

Your body needs rest to heal. If you are in pain, it can be challenging to find a comfortable position to (more…)

Sleeping Well Can Keep You Healthy

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Posted at: 2018-11-30

New research has shown that not only can a good night’s sleep keep you mentally sharp, but it can also help you stay healthy by strengthening your immune system. For years physicians have believed that sleep supports the healing process, and now new evidence has been discovered that indicates sleep also plays a role in regulating your immune function. Your immune system is the complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that protect your body from disease, so keeping that system functioning (more…)

The Best Sleep Position

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Posted at: 2018-11-23

One of the most common questions we get from patients is: “What’s the best sleeping position?” Considering you spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping, this is an important question to ask! Top researchers have found one of the best positions to sleep is on your side with your head supported, shoulders centered, and a pillow between your legs. This allows for the best alignment of your spine and reduces the pressure on your neck, low back, hips, and legs – all of which leads to (more…)

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Posted at: 2018-11-21

Staying up late one night usually only results in feeling a little tired the next day, but when this happens day after day, it can really start to negatively affect your life. Research has shown that a lack of proper sleep can result in irritability, increased stress, a weakened immune system, and even joint pains. However, by developing a few healthy habits, you’ll be able to ensure that your brain and body get the rest the deserve, so you are ready to have a productive next day.


Why it Matters:

Practicing a relaxing nighttime ritual, such as powering down your electronics and reading a book, can help prepare your body for a good night’s (more…)

3 CRITICAL steps to improve your POSTURE and eliminate related HEADACHES

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Posted at: 2018-09-27

Ergonomics is the study of the posture and positioning of your body. It sounds pretty boring until you consider that millions of people are suffering from headaches every day that are related to their posture! Whether it’s an assembly line, a computer, a tablet, or your phone, you’re likely spending a lot of time looking down. Research has found that up to 9kg of pressure is placed on the neck for every inch the chin extends forward or down. This increased pressure can (more…)

4 tips to help eliminate Menstrual Migraines

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Posted at: 2018-09-19

Bottom Line:

For many women, monthly menstruation means monthly migraines. In addition to hormone changes, your diet, physical activity and stress levels all contribute to this pattern. While pregnancy and menopause are two ways to eliminate these types of headaches, we also have a few more practical ways to find relief!


Why it Matters:

New research recommends (more…)

3 common mistakes made with trapped nerve in the neck (cervical radiculopathy) AND 4 steps to take towards resolution

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Posted at: 2018-08-31

Perth Chiropractor – 3 steps to help eliminate headaches

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Posted at: 2018-08-23

Perth Chiropractor discusses Neck pain

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Posted at: 2018-08-06

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