Low back workshop

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Posted at: 2018-04-03

How sitting can ruin your low back

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Posted at: 2018-03-25

Bottom Line: Our bodies are designed to move! Many of us however, are trapped commuting to work or spending long hours at a desk staring at a computer screen. For all of the advantages of the modern world, we have noticed an increase in sedentary tendencies. Shockingly, this mostly sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a vast array of disease. Researchers have found too much sitting each day is as dangerous as smoking! Yes, it’s true. Too much time sitting may be one of our most challenging health epidemics.

Why it Matters: Long hours of sitting each day wreak havoc on the muscles and support system of your low back. The deep stabilizing muscles (more…)

Bad disc slowing you down??

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Posted at: 2018-03-17

Bad Disc Slowing You Down?

Bottom Line: Spinal discs play an essential role in your low back, acting as small shock absorbers and giving you the ability to move in many different directions. Your discs are comprised of two major parts- an outer ring of cartilage which provides support and a jelly-like center that facilities motion. (more…)

Back facts to keep you active

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Posted at: 2018-03-10

Perth Chiropractor Dr Lazar Jancic discuses how to boost your immunity

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Posted at: 2018-02-28

Chiropractic can boost immunity?

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Posted at: 2018-02-17

Getting sick is normal??

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Posted at: 2018-02-12

Boosting your immunity with FOOD!

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Did you know certain foods can boost your immunity?? Watch my video for some great tips!

Boost your energy in the New Year!

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Posted at: 2018-01-27

Check out my video for some quick tips on how to get those energy levels up in the New Year!


How to Reduce Stress in the New Year

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Bottom line: Are you overwhelmed by stress? Well, you’re not alone. Studies show over 54% of people are concerned with the amount of stress in their daily life. Many of us carry this stress in our shoulders and neck. Muscle tension in our shoulders can contribute to headaches, neck and back pain. Chronic stress can lower your energy levels resulting in irritability, illness, and even depression. But, there is good news! A few simple changes to your daily routine can help you dramatically decrease your stress level, boost your energy, and ultimately live a healthier and happier life. Keep reading to learn how.  (more…)

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