Recover from Your Holiday Hangover

Prolonged stress, long travel and maybe just one too many fruitcakes can all contribute to the dreaded holiday hangover. Well, with the New Year comes a new opportunity to get healthier, lose those extra pounds, and overcome the holiday hangover. How we eat plays a huge role in our weight and our energy levels. When you have a low energy level, it’s difficult to get the motivation to stay active and exercise. However, when you give your body the proper nutrition, you can have more energy, lose more weight, and stay more active. So instead of focusing on the foods, you shouldn’t eat, let’s highlight a few foods and supplements that can help you stay active, energise, and get ready to shed those pounds.


Why it Matters: healthy foods to give you an energy boost, it’s all about eating the right ones at the right time.  Get back to replacing those processed carbs (breads, cereals, biscuits, pastries) with seasonal fruits, higher fat and protein and of course plenty of veggies.




Next Steps: Start by drinking more water, not 1 hour after eating however as this will dilute your stomach acids and reduce the quality of your digestion.  Water will fill you up more and increase your energy levels, allowing you to more easily transition to a healthier diet. You’ll feel better, think better, and be more motivated to stick with your exercise routine. The New Year is a great time to improve your health, get a little extra motivation and even lose a few pounds in the process!



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