Meet the Team


Meet our chiropractors! With over 27 years of experience between our chiropractors, you are in safe hands at Leederville Chiropractic Clinic. Click on the pictures below for more information on each of our chiropractors

Muscle and Soft Tissue Therapists

At Leederville Chiropractic, we also offer soft tissue therapy, performed by our trained therapists. These include a Sports Remedial Therapy (Marie Antony), and Relaxation massage/Reiki (Delia Curetan).


Reiki is an ancient healing technique originating in Japan. The therapist channels universal energy in order to activate the natural healing processes in the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is intuitive and empathic healing for your body and mind. Healing is an internal process. With Reiki and through self-enquiry it becomes possible to release negative patterns and inner blocks that prevent living an emotionally rich and spiritually fulfilled life.

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